D-I-Y Bottle Cap Pendants

So now we’re back to bottle caps.  I have hundreds of them now and it’s such a shame to just throw them away. I did these a couple of weeks ago. I’ve already experimented on some stuff since then but for now… 

Version 1: I hammered…

flattening bottle caps


and spray painted (and nail-polished! I used OPI Liquid Sand on the glittery ones)…

spray painted bottle caps


and layered the back with cardboard. Thor I’m not, so even if the inside part looked ok, the outer part of the cap was deformed. It looked like this:

flattened bottle cap

Bits of the newspaper which I used as a mat also stuck to the paint which wasn’t fully dry when I turned the bottle cap over to spray paint the other side. So I covered it with cardboard… and spray painted once more. It lost the gloss but at least the surface looked more even.

Then I mod podged…

flattened bottle caps

and dimensional magicked and attached it to some chains…

upcycled bottle cap


end result: a multi-layered chain necklace with a bottle cap pendant

upcycled bottle cap


Version 2: I used epoxy sticker instead of dimensional magic and a factory-flattened bottle cap and attached it to some chains: 

bottle cap pendant

Life was easier with Version 2. And it looks better up close because the bottle cap was flawless and all I did was put the sticker to add dimension to the image. 

The first pendant took time to make. The spray paint alone took almost two weeks to dry because of the muggy weather. It was also harder work since I started from scratch with the used bottle cap and the hammering and the spray painting and the mod podging. And the bottle cap was flawed. But it felt more fulfilling to make!


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