That’s what I’ve been up to these days. Writing has taken a backseat. Not that it has ever been on the driver’s seat these days… or riding shotgun. Whatevs.

I’ve had so much fun that I joined a couple of other craft workshops after the Resin Tile Making at Craft Manila. What’s up with the D-I-Ys and the crafting lately? Let’s just say I’m building my capabilities and a safety net, too, for when my life as a corporate worker bee ends. We’ll never know when it is going to end.  Also, I’ve been hit with the crafting bug and has been going on since June, when I started with the bottle caps. I usually just trudge through life indifferently like a zombie but now, I am excited  to make more stuff and learn techniques. My outputs are often crude and I’m an impatient, messy and sloppy crafter but I’m having so much fun. Crafting is costing me some moolah and moolah is important but it is still a small price to pay for being high with motivation and excitement.

Anyway, here are the workshops I’ve joined last August:

Leather cuff making. The workshop was taught by two young ladies from Soul Flower. I learned to make the magic braid and to mount the buttons.



Additions to my fast growing tool set: puncher, setters, and another hammer:



We went overtime so we didn’t get to finish practising. We did get to bring home as much leather we wanted to practice on.  So far, here are the rest of what I did:

Pattern courtesy of Soul Flower:


Ah, so proud of mama’s work!



Wire Jewelry Making by Wire Guru Ana Gonzales.


Wire Jewelry Making @ Craft Manila


Here are some of what I did.

A cross bracelet…

wire jewelry: cross bracelet


…a swirly swirly ring…

wire swirl ring


…a distorted star bookmark/paperclip. The silver one was done by Ana herself. I tried to copy it but my gold star turned out weird. I just pretended that I was actually going for an abstract star/magic wand.

Wire star


Did several others, too. These wire works won me gift certificates from Tokyo Tokyo!

Wire jewelry

There were just four of us in the class, but still, I’m so flattered! Thanks to blogger Arnie Villanueva for choosing my stuff.

I’d love to join more arts and craft workshops but for now, I am focusing on my new-found craft: decoupage and altered dominoes and bottlecaps. So far, I have not encountered anyone who does the domino thingies yet.   I’ve been splurging on inks and rubber stamps to create backgrounds for the dominoes and bottlecaps rather than printing them or snipping them from magazines. I’ve been stamping here and there and here and there… not as easy as I thought. And now, the whole process of making an altered domino tile takes much longer because of the stamps. One of these days, I need to write down the steps before I forget them.


4 thoughts on “Craft-All-I-Can

  1. Richie Palma says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a way to contact you. I was looking for suppliers of arts and crafts when I chanced up your blog. You are very creative. I love what you did to bottle caps and the dominos and I want to order from you! 🙂 Do you sell your items?


    • Alias M. says:

      Hi Richie, thank you so much! Yes I am selling them. I recently joined the maker’s market in alabang. I don’ sell online though. i’d rather the buyer see the pieces first 🙂 i haven’t been updating my blog recently but you can check out my Instagram account – margaux_creativechaos. Not sure if there will be fairs I could join this december. We can meet up if you want


      • richie palma says:

        i will surely follow you on instagram. im a huge fan of creative people like you. 🙂 i guess it’s because i lack the talent on making arts and crafts. the best that i can do is to support you. im here in saudi arabia but i will be going home soon. my contract is finished here so i want to start a small business. that was the reason why i was looking for artists who create their products. good thing you sell your items. im really interested. will keep in touch with you. thanks!


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